Book Review of Ithyanna: Last Daughter of Atlantis by Don Cook


Noah and his family, along with Ithy, were the only ones who believed the world was ending. Ithy researched and proposed building a spaceship to save humanity on another planet. Despite facing criticism and lacking support, Ithy persevered with her work on Project Life-Escape. 

Unfortunately, she became consumed by her work and dependent on her new sponsor. Tragically, she lost her sister, Bianna, to Noah, whose plan was labeled a cult and deemed destined to fail.

With her loved ones deserting her and the looming Lemurian conflict, Ithy faced overwhelming loneliness. However, she made a firm decision to press on with her project.

As the world approached its final moments, Ithy completed the finishing touches on Project Life-Escape. However, her sponsor betrayed her, leaving her to face certain doom on Earth. In her desperate struggle for survival and to save her loved ones, she tragically witnessed the deaths of many, even her husband, Lasko.

In a divine encounter, God revealed Himself to Ithy, establishing His supreme authority as the rightful owner and ruler of the Earth and all its inhabitants. This revelation made Ithy realize her need for God's support.

With such a summary like this, I can bet you that this book is worth all your money and time. Get yourself a copy, and you won’t regret it!

This book is evidence of the author's meticulous weaving of a captivating plot and enthralling world-building. The author skillfully employs multiple perspectives, drawing from diverse positions and experiences, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of what lies ahead and how it unfolds. This approach leaves ample room for contemplation even before the space journey commences. This novel is a testament to precise planning and exceptional writing.

Ultimately, I give this book a perfect 5-star rating. This book brims with invaluable moral lessons and timeless values for the reader's discovery.