Book Review of The Hills Be Shaken by Michael Stewart

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐-(4/5)

came across this quote some time ago: “Is this truth too potent for me to hold? If I keep it close, will I tumble? At times, I don't know”. You can imagine my surprise when I remembered every word of this quote while reading The Hills Be Shaken. Maybe this was how I felt as I kept scrolling through the pages of the e-book. Were the emotions evoked by this book too strong for me to hold? I guess it didn't consume me after all.

The Hills Be Shaken is an action thriller written by Michael Stewart, a man I would love to describe as an impeccable wordsmith for reasons you would appreciate when you read this book. The book centers on Mose Haley, an engineer and now recruited FBI agent. After the catastrophe in Manhattan, Kansas, that claimed lives, there's a buzz that the incident occurred due to terrorist attacks rather than the presumed earthquake. Officer Sam raises suspicion and decides to follow it up. He needs the help of an engineer to ascertain what exactly went wrong at the dam at Tuttle Creek Lake. Soon, there's a twist, and Mose, the engineer, is recruited by the FBI to solve the mystery. 

Initially, the book is slow-paced and packed with introductions to the characters than a preamble to the story. This extensive myriad of personalities incorporated into the book made some characters suffer while others flourished. It was hard to notice when a character was no longer in the story because they all had replacements. I am content with the author’s projection of Mose as an imperfect identity. Mose seemed more like a real character than a fictional identity.

The book shuts in an incredible plot. Being a book having an FBI agent character, I expected puzzling scenes—scenes that would carry readers on a ride of suspense and inquisition. The author outrightly exceeded my expectation. The action settings were flawlessly choreographed with words, creating excellent imagery of the author's thoughts.  

For the language used, the author was kind enough to make his writing pithy. Although the book’s volume was long-winded, the composition was not prolix or incoherent. This gesture made it easy to discern the tale. The biblical foundation of this book helped project this book in a better light. I had an extraordinary reading experience and would be recommending it to people who enjoy action cliffhangers crammed with twists. I am rating this book 4 out of 5 stars.